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Zip (and optionally encrypt) your Yahoo attached files

ZipMail for Yahoo is a Zip compression utility for the users of Yahoo Mail.
ZipMail for Yahoo adds transparent Zip attached file compression (and decompression) features to Yahoo! Mail and includes features like Secured Notes and attached file encryption enabling to improve Yahoo! Mail privacy.

Once ZipMail for Yahoo is installed, the files you attach to your Yahoo messages are automatically and transparently compressed into industry-standard Zip files, saving significant amounts of network bandwidth and disk space while increasing attached file upload / download speed.

The key point is that there is absolutely nothing special to do in order to compress your Yahoo Mail attached files, ZipMail is fully transparent and automatic!

When writing your Yahoo messages, simply attach your files as usual. The file selection dialog displayed when clicking the Browse button is enhanced by ZipMail as follows:


Encrypt the body of your Yahoo messages

You need to keep the content of a Yahoo message confidential?
Simply enter the body of your message in the ZipMail Secured Note editor. When you save your Secured Note, it will be automatically saved in a Zip password-protected file and attached to your Yahoo message. Simple and easy, only the persons to whom you provide the note password will be able to open it.

Encrypt your Yahoo attached files

To encrypt your Yahoo attached files, simply enter a password in the password field displayed at the bottom of the attached file selection dialog.
ZipMail will then display a password confirmation dialog before to encrypt the resulting Zip file using your password to generate the encryption key.
The recipient(s) of your attached Zip file will have to provide this password in order to access/decompress the file.

Select multiple files to attach

ZipMail enables you to select as many files to attach as you need in a single selection operation (contrary to Yahoo that only allows the selection of one single file at a time). The selected files will be compressed by ZipMail into a single Zip file that will be attached to your message. Quick and easy!

ZipMail for Yahoo! Mail Features & Benefits