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Features & Benefits

Reduce the volume of Yahoo! Mail attached files

With Yahoo! Mail, you can send and receive emails up to 10 megabytes (MB) in size (20 MB with Yahoo Plus). ZipMail, by transparently and automatically compressing your Yahoo attached files into industry-standard Zip files, enables you to attach more than 10 MB of files to your Yahoo messages. Depending on the types of the files you compress, a 10 MB Zip files can contain 15 MB, 20 MB of compressed files or even more. You can so attach files having a non-compressed size over 10 MB, provided their compressed size is less than 10 MB (ZipMail will tell you).

Optimize your Yahoo! Mail storage space

The storage space provide by Yahoo! Mail is limited to 1GB (2GB with Hotmail Plus).
Since most of your Yahoo email storage space will be consumed by attached files, and because sent emails are stored in your Yahoo Sent Items folder (and you like to keep them here or in other folders), ZipMail, by automatically compressing the attached files you send, will significantly optimize your Yahoo storage space (and the storage space of your attached file recipients as well).

Encrypt the body of your Yahoo! messages

One of the main concerns about Yahoo! is privacy. A web search on Yahoo Mail privacy returns several million results!
ZipMail enables you to encrypt the body of your message in a password protected Zip file. With ZipMail you can now fully protect the privacy of your Yahoo! messages when needed.
More information and screen shots of the ZipMail Secured Notes Editor can be found in the page about ZipMail Secured Notes.

Encrypt your Yahoo! attached files

This is another ZipMail feature enabling to improve Yahoo! privacy.
ZipMail enables to password-protect your Yahoo! attached files and to encrypt them using standard PKZIP encryption algorithm or strong AES encryption algorithm.
With ZipMail you can now fully protect the privacy of your Yahoo! attached files.

Transparent Zip decompression included

ZipMail enables you to decompress Yahoo! Mail Zip attached files transparently with no need for any decompression utility.
Password-protected/encrypted Zip attached files are fully supported whatever is their encryption mode (MKZIP or AES); When trying to decompress a password-protected encrypted Zip attached file, ZipMail will ask you to enter the password in order to decrypt and decompress the file.

Select multiple attached files in a single operation

In Yahoo! Mail you can only select one file to attach at a time. So if you want to attach ten files to a message, you need to click the Browse button ten times and to select ten times one single file.
With ZipMail, the number of files to attach you can select in a single operation is unlimited. You can so select your ten files in a single file selection operation. All of the selected files will be compressed into a single Zip file that will be attached to your email. In case the resulting Zip file exceeds the Yahoo maximum message size, ZipMail will warn you.

Integrate the Yahoo! Mail attached file and volume policies when attaching files

Yahoo! Mail accepts any types of attached files but other email providers rejects "active" files like BAT, CMD, COM, WSC, WSH and others).
Maximum Yahoo! Mail message size is 10 MB (or 20 MB with Yahoo! Plus).
ZipMail complies with these email limitations and warns you instantly when you try to attach "active" files as well as files exceeding the 10 MB size limit after compression (these limitations can be configured), so avoiding time lost and frustration resulting of the rejection by Yahoo! Mail or other email providers of non-compliant messages.

Persistency of the attached file selection dialog settings

This is a minor feature but very much appreciated by ZipMail users. When you modify the attached file selection dialog list-view settings, choosing for instance "Details" or "Thumbnails", ZipMail remembers your settings.
Next time you attach files, the Yahoo! Mail attached file selection dialog list-view is displayed based on your settings.

Download a ZipMail for Yahoo! Mail evaluation copy