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ZipMail for Webmails Pro

Contrary to ZipMail for Yahoo! Mail, ZipMail for MSN Hotmail and ZipMail for Google Gmail, that are dedicated to a single webmail platform, ZipMail for Webmails Pro can be easily configured to support (if needed simultaneously) multiple webmails (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other public or corporate webmails).

ZipMail for Webmails Pro is delivered with a configuration utility enabling to make ZipMail active with the webmails of your choice.

By default, ZipMail for Webmails Pro is installed to support Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Other webmails can be easily added using the ZipMail for Webmails Pro configuration utility.

The ZipMail for Webmails Pro configuration utility can be launched from the Windows Start / program / MK Net.Work ZipMail for WebMails menu.

This is the main window of the ZipMail for Webmails Pro configuration utility:

To add a new webmail to the list, simply click "Add the URL of a webmail form".

This window will be displayed:

Dragging and dropping the web form selector on the title bar of the new mail web form in which the button to browse files to attach is displayed imports its URL in the "Captured URL" text box.

Once this URL in the text box, you can edit it to replace any variable parts by "*" and then click on "Add" to add this URL to the list of the URLs for which ZipMail is active, displayed in the main window of the configuration utility.


To download a ZipMail for WebMails Pro evaluation copy pre-configured to work with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail, please click this link.

If you have less than 100 users, you can purchase ZipMail for Webmails Pro online.

Else, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a volume price quote. Please contact us.